Student Support

The Madison County Charter School System recognizes the need to support the whole child by creating and strengthening relationships with our students, their families, and our community. We know that the knowledge and skills needed to be an independent, productive citizen are not only those skills related to academic standards, but also the skills associated with social-emotional learning, a positive school climate, and the overall well-being of the student. These skills are needed for all students and adults within an equitable and culturally responsive learning environment. At times, physical, mental, or social situations arise that can potentially interfere with a student’s ability to reach their full potential and be successful. When needed, there are various resources available to assist students and their families.

Student Support Newsletter 

Community Resources and Support

Below you will find various resources that are available to students and families that are in addition to those offered by the school system. If you or your child are in need, please select the link below to browse local agencies and their contact information. All of the listed resources are either in Madison County or neighboring counties. If you have questions or need further assistance, please reach out to me or to your child's school counselor.

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Food Bank Information

Tara Thomas
Board of Education
Coordinator, PBIS / Wraparound Mental Health
(706) 795-2191 ext.1468

Kelssie Fields
Board of Education
Social Worker
(706) 795-2191 ext.1457