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Congratulations, Mr. Williams!


Congrats, Mr. Williams

Mr. Williams is in his fourth year as superintendent of the Madison County Charter School System, and since the beginning of his tenure, the system has seen improvements at every level. Most notably, Madison County High School has seen its graduation rate soar to over 95%, setting record high graduation rates for four years in a row.  

In her nomination letter, RESA Executive Director Laurie Allison shared:

“As an actively engaged instructional leader, he has focused on accelerating student learning at all levels of the organization. Under his leadership, the school system has significantly increased participation and success in both advanced placement and dual enrollment courses. The Madison County graduation rate is the highest in history at 95.3%. Additionally, Mr. Williams has increased advanced content course offerings and student success at the middle school level. His commitment to student support propelled the creation and  implementation of a new early learning program to serve 150+ preschool and pre-kindergarten students. Mr. Williams’ instructional vision is making a mark on the system and the community.

Mr. Williams is an educational and community leader in many capacities. As a member of the Charter System Foundation Board and the NEGA RESA Board of Control Vice Chairman, Mr. Williams advocates for policies and flexibility that meet the needs of all students. He leads efforts to bring all community leaders together to support education in his role as the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Williams’ successful leadership has been recognized as the Madison County Leader of the Year Award recipient through the Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Williams is an actively and positively engaged educational leader. He is a strong supporter of GAEL, GSSA and GSBA collaboration. Michael Williams is an advocate for public education and leads with a strong, positive culture.”


Congratulations, Mr. Williams, on this well deserved award!