Students may rent lockers for the safekeeping of books and personal property. Only school assigned locks may be put on lockers which is covered with the rental fee. It is the responsibility of the student to guard his/her combination and to see that his/her locker is secure. Lockers remain the property of the school and are subject to periodic announced and unannounced inspections by school personnel at any time during the year. Students are not to share lockers. Locker rental fees are $2.00. Fees may be paid at the time a student registers for school. Checks should be made payable to Madison County Middle School.

6th Grade Supplies          7th Grade Supplies                8th  Grade Supplies

(4) College ruled notebook paper
(4) 1-1/2” 3 Ring Binder
(2) Composition Books 100pg each
(1) Pencil Pouch
(1) Thin Lined markers pack
     Wood Pencils
(1) Blue or black ink pens
(1) Basic four function calculator
(1) Colored pencils pack
    Glue sticks
(1) Student Safety Scissors
(1) Handheld Pencil Sharpener
(1) Pk Cap erasers

Other Suggested Supplies

Box Tissues (optional)
Box Band-Aids (optional)
Hand Sanitizer (optional)
Disinfectant Wipes
Disinfectant Spray
Peppermint candy for coughs

(3) 1” 3-Ring Binder
(1) 3 Pronged folder w/pockets
(1) Pk of Dividers
(2) Pk of Colored Pencils (8-10)
(3) Pk of Loose Leaf Paper
(1) Student Safety Scissors
(2) #2 Pencils (Pk of 8-12)
(4) Glue Sticks
(1) Dry Erase Marker (Pk of 4) (optional)
(1) Calculator TI-30-XS Multi view (optional)
(1) 5pk Highlighters
(1) 4pk Sticky Notes

(2) 3” Ring Binder
(1) Pk Dividers (ELA)
(2) Pks Dividers (Adv Science)
(2) #2 Pencils (pk of 8-12)
(3) Pk Loose Leaf Paper
(1) 1 Subject Spiral Notebook 
(1) Pk Graph Paper
(1) Pocket Folder w/Prongs
(4) Glue Sticks
(1) Pk Index Cards
(1) Composition Notebook
(1) Highlighters 5pk
(1) Ear Buds (optional)
(1) Markers 4pk (optional) (Adv Science)
(1) Calculator TI-30-XS Multi view (optional)


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