Running Club

MCMS running club is an opportunity to continue running after school after other sports seasons have ended. The purpose is to stay in shape for those wanting to run track, and for those runners who might want to participate in the Reindeer Run in Comer, GA on December 7th.

  • The running club needs to be taken serious; if you are out here then it is important to you.
  • Although there will not be any meets/rewards, runners still need to work hard and run at the workouts.
  • The running club does not need to be a social time.
  • Since this is a club, it is important to be picked up on time---4:15---4:30.
  • A physical needs to be on file, and all expectations apply for the runners as they must adhere to the school handbook.

We will begin on Tuesday, October 15th, and it should last until December 5th. We will have the club every Tuesday and Thursday weather permitting. As it gets cooler, please bring appropriate clothes.

Nathan Herndon