Chorus Discipline Plan

Mustangs take PRIDE in everything they do!

BE Prepared, Respectful, Independent, Determined, Excellent

You will be challenged to take PRIDE in all that you do at MCMS…in every aspect of student life, you will have expectations in each of these areas.  The following are expectations specific to this class:

P = Prepared

  • Arrive to class on time
  • Sit in assigned seat during rehearsal/instruction
  • Know and place a priority on performance/event requirements
  • Have correct concert attire PRIOR to performances and come dressed appropriately
  • Turn in paperwork and assignments on time

R = Respectful

  • Treat everyone in chorus with courtesy & respect…earn respect by being respectful!
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Take care of the music, materials, and equipment you use in the classroom
  • Respect “teacher designated” areas, materials, and equipment in the classroom
  • Respect individual differences, preferences, and needs
  • Engage only in appropriate conversations with others
  • Volunteer to help others
  • Lift others up…don’t tear them down!

I = Independent

  • Be a good listener!
  • Follow directions
  • Know school rules and abide by them – if it’s a school rule, it’s a chorus rule ~ ex:  no electronics, no hats, no food/gum/drinks (except water)
  • Use your quarterly passes wisely and appropriately
  • Always give your BEST effort

D = Determined

  • Stay focused on the activity…do not work on other assignments, read or socialize during rehearsals and instruction time
  • Work cooperatively with others

E = Excellent

  • Strive for excellence in all that you do!!
  • Give 100% and always do the best that you can do!

Rewards and Consequences:

It is my expectation that all students will behave appropriately in class.  Students will discover that appropriate behavior will result in various POSITIVE rewards and privileges at times, at the discretion of the teacher.  Often times, discipline issues tend to arise when a student is unhappy in a class…you have each chosen to be in chorus, so I hope that you will fully engage yourself in our class activities and that misbehavior will be minimal!

However, if a student chooses not to follow these guidelines or if a student disrupts the class by not following directions that have been given, consequences will occur.  Consequences will include, but may not be limited to:  Verbal Warnings, loss of break time, written assignments, parent contact, and for serious and/or habitual offenses, office referrals.  Typically, a warning will be extended for the first offense.   Each situation is different, and therefore, it will be at the teacher’s discretion to determine the best course of action.  Blatant disrespect, insubordination, foul language, and/or fighting will result in immediate office referrals

Chorus is an elective class…students who cannot behave appropriately in chorus may lose the privilege of being a part of this elective class.  Inappropriate behavior by one student can hinder the learning experience for all!

If you have difficulties with another student or concerns regarding the class, please discuss these with me…I cannot help to resolve a problem if I do not know that one exists!  I am very willing to meet with students after class for such issues.  Please know that I always try to be as fair as possible when disciplining students, yet unfortunately, at times all deserving students are not “caught”. Just remember, you are not being fair to your peers or to me if you are acting inappropriately in class.  My first priority is to teach and/or lead the rehearsal and yours should be to participate positively.  If someone else is behaving inappropriately, that does not give you the right to do so.  If you are punished, it is because your own behavior has earned it. YOU control your choices and behavior.

Leaving the Classroom:

Due to such a limited class time each day in Connections, students will be limited to 4 passes per quarter.  A specific card for chorus passes will be provided and you must have open passes in order to leave the classroom.  (This does not apply for students called to an office or going to see the nurse).  If a student fills up his/her pass card, an additional quarter pass card may be purchased for 20 PRIDE bucks.  A student is only eligible to purchase one additional pass per quarter…no partial pass purchases will be allowed.  Also, any unused passes may be “cashed in” for 5 PRIDE bucks per pass at the end of the quarter (note – this will only apply to the original pass card given – unused passes on purchased cards will not be rewarded).

Except in emergency cases, please be considerate when you ask to leave the classroom…only ask during a transition or “down time” – not during rehearsal or direct instruction.  (Remember… all Houses/Academic Teams have planned restroom breaks for students throughout the school day…so, take advantage of these opportunities!)


As a school-wide policy, tardies will be marked in Infinite Campus this year for all classes.  Too many tardies to class could result in lunch detention, loss of break, or possible ISS.


Per the updated school policy, electronics cannot be visible, on or in use during school instructional hours. If electronics are in use without special permission from the teacher, they can be taken up by the teacher, sub, or observing administrator and turned into the house office for appropriate disciplinary action.


In compliance with school policy, no food or drinks (except water) will be allowed in the classroom.  Gum is not appropriate, and can even present a safety risk, especially in a chorus classroom.   Please DO NOT consume food, drinks, or gum in the chorus classroom except during special days designated by the teacher.


A musical performance is unlike a sporting event or even a rock concert.  Even though our concerts are held in a gymnasium, there are still certain behavior expectations that audience members and participants should honor.  Part of your learning experience in chorus is to learn and practice appropriate concert etiquette!

  • Refrain from talking or whispering during a performance
  • Do not eat, drink or chew gum during a performance!
  • Silence cell phones and other electronic devices (better yet, leave them at home or in the car!)
  • Do not get up to go to the RR or leave early during a performance (unless you are sick)
  • Do not wave or yell out at others at a performance
  • If someone else is performing or speaking, focus all of your attention on them
  • If you are performing, focus all of your attention on your director and the music

Students will find that I strive daily to treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy, in expectation of receiving the same in return.  My first priority is to teach the class and lead rehearsal and the students’ first priority should be to learn…it is not my goal to be simply a “class policeman” and your goal should not be to disrupt class or simply to socialize.  I expect students to always try to behave appropriately and, when mistakes happen, to accept the consequence with the understanding that this, too, is a learning experience.   In the end, just remember – we are all human and, if you cooperate with me and have a positive and respectful attitude, I’m sure we can overcome any obstacles together!

Dr. Blackmon