About Chorus

Chorus Class Requirements:

7th/8th Grade Students in the MCMS Choral Program will have chorus each day for the full year as a “connections” class.  In class, students not only rehearse choral music for performance, but they also have opportunities to develop music appreciation, beginning sight-reading skills, and general music knowledge.  A student’s grade in chorus class will be determined by the following:  Class Participation (50%), Performance/Event Participation (25%), Quizzes and Daily Grades (25%).  By joining chorus in the middle school, students will begin building a foundation for future participation in the high school choral program.

Chorus Performances and Opportunities:

Students involved in chorus should plan to make the commitment to participate in all performance opportunities…after all, the reward of practice is performance!  There are 2 evening concerts each year (holiday and spring).  Two required after school rehearsals for all chorus students are planned (one prior to each concert).  There are also opportunities to audition for district and state-wide honor chorus events.  Students selected for honor chorus will be required to participate in additional after school practices to prepare for the honor chorus events. In addition, reward fieldtrips are often planned each spring. 

2021-22 Afterschool Rehearsal and Concert Dates

1st Semester Dates

After School Chorus Rehearsal –Thursday, December 2 until 5pm

Holiday Chorus Concert – Monday, December 6, 2021 @ 6:30pm

(On concert day, students will stay after school for setup/rehearsal with dinner provided)

2nd Semester Dates

After School Chorus Rehearsal – Thursday, March 24 until 5pm

Spring Chorus Concert – Monday, March 28, 2022 @ 6:30pm

(On concert day, students will stay after school for setup/rehearsal with dinner provided)

♪ Chorus Fees and Fundraising:

Chorus students must purchase a shirt upon entering the program.  One shirt (a performance polo) is required.  These shirts are necessary to help the chorus achieve a “uniform look” when performing together.  The investment you will make toward the required shirt is not expected to exceed $30, although costs are subject to change each year depending on vendor price quotes.  Chorus students will also need a pair of black pants (or a black skirt which falls below the knee) to wear for concerts.  Please understand that additional fees are associated with honor chorus participation and fieldtrips.  Pending administrative approval, we will have two fundraisers during the school year to help raise funds for our program – participation by all students is encouraged and appreciated!

About the Teacher:

Franleata Sorrells-Blackmon has been teaching at Madison County Middle School since January of 2002.  Dr. Blackmon attended Converse College in Spartanburg, SC, where she received the Bachelor of Arts degree in music (piano) in 1994, and the Master of Education degree in 1998.  In 2004, she earned the Educational Specialist degree in music education with an emphasis in choral music from the University of Georgia.  Dr. Blackmon was honored as the 2005 MCMS Teacher of the Year.  She was selected to participate in the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) Teacher Academy, Elite Class cadre 2005-07 and in the 2012-13 PAGE Teacher Leader Institute.  Dr. Blackmon successfully defended her dissertation in the spring of 2017, earning her Doctorate in Education from Liberty University.  She is a member of The National Association for Music Education (NAfME), The Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA), and The Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE).  Dr. Blackmon enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and serving as a church pianist.  She resides in her hometown of Comer with her husband, Jody Blackmon and son, Stephen.

Chorus Homepage

Note:  On the MCMS website, the link to the chorus page can be accessed under Academics>Fine Arts