New Student Information

How To Join Band

The information below is intended for students who will be in 6th and 7th grade during the 2021-2022 school year who are wanting to join band for the first time.  While students don't typically join band late, exceptions are being for 7th grade due to the challenges of dealing with COVID-19. 

If you will be in 8th grade for the 2021-22 school year and are wanting to join band, read over the information and email to Mr. Smith directly to get information on the requirements to join the MCMS Band.

Step 1

When students join band, they will spend their first nine weeks learning to play one of the five core instruments.  During the second nine weeks, interested students can tryout for one of the expanded instrument options.  Students joining in 7th grade could potentially start on one of the expanded instrument choices if space is available.   Watch the videos below to learn more about the instruments.

Beginning Woodwind Instrument Choices


Beginning Brass Instrument Choices


Expanded Instrument Choices - Possible after the 1st Nine Weeks

  • BrassF Horn  |  Euphonium  |  Tuba 
  • PercussionDrums  |  Mallets
    • Students interested in percussion will be required to play both drums and mallets
    • Drum set is not used in class and is an auditioned part as part of our extracurricular jazz band

Step 2

Once you have identified your top two instrument choices, complete the instrument interest survey.  This helps us place you in the correct class.  If you are concerned about your ability to play the instrument, don't worry!  Creating the first sounds on your instrument are pretty straight forward, but if a change needs to be made, that is always possible.

Step 3

Mr. Smith with be notified when a new survey has been submitted.  Mr. Smith will then contact parents to confirm the instrument and to provide rental/purchase information, specific to each student's needs.  Check out our Recommended Music Companies page to find great music stores that specialize in band instruments.

For students joining band in sixth grade, you can expect to begin playing instruments by the end of August.  This gives parents until the end of the first full week of school to shop around and ask questions but the earlier we can nail things down, the better.  A quality instrument is important and Mr. Smith is in your corner to make sure students and parents have a great first year in band!