Senior Picture FAQs

1. Is there a website where I can get more information?

You can also scan the QR to receive text message reminders.


2. What are the prices for the pictures going to be?

Prices will vary according to the package. 


3. Is $30 just the sitting fee? Do you get any pictures or proofs for your $30? 

That is the sitting fee; it does include proofs from your session. They will be yours to keep. 


4. Do you have to have all your credits or just be considered a senior to have pictures made?

If you think you are going to graduate next year (maybe short a few credits that will be made up by graduation), then you should go ahead and have your pictures taken.

If you are still considered a sophomore at the end of this year, you should not have your senior pictures taken. 
If you do not have more than 15 credits, you probably need to wait until the following year.


5. If I just want to be in the yearbook but don't intend to buy any pictures, do I still have to pay anything?

Still the $30 sitting fee?

For summer sessions, you definitely will be charged a sitting fee; but for the fall, if there are financial issues we may have vouchers available. We will not know for sure until the beginning of the school year.


6. What if I can't make the date on the card? How do I reschedule? 

If you can't come on your scheduled day, you need to call 678-554-2134 and reschedule. You can also wait until Sept during the make-up sessions to have your pictures made. Make-up dates will be scheduled for September.
If you go ahead and take them in the summer, you will be allowed to have 4 outfit changes and take the Cap & Gown pictures during this session. If you wait until September, you will only be allowed 2 outfit changes.


7. Do I have to take casual pictures?

It is part of the $30 session fee, but casual pictures are not required.


8. What kind of props can I bring? Puppies? Guns? Are there any restrictions on props?

No weapons of any kind. No inappropriate logos (tobacco, alcohol, etc). No revealing clothing. No large motorized equipment (don't laugh, it has happened).


9. If I have pictures done elsewhere, can they still be put in the yearbook?

 The formal portraits must be taken by Lifetouch; the casual portraits may be taken by an outside photographer. 

Important Dates & Information:



Senior Portraits for the 
Class of 2022 
[Summer Session]:
June 28 - July 2, 2021

Appointments were pre-scheduled by Lifetouch. Times were distributed during Advisement before school ended. If you need to know your time, please contact the school office.

All formal poses must be taken by Lifetouch to be included in the yearbook. 

Casual poses from independent photographers may be submitted individually.

Senior Portraits 
[Fall Session]: 
Sept 1 - 3, 2021


Seniors should have contacted Mrs. Coile to make an appointment.
All formal poses must be taken by Lifetouch to be included in the yearbook. These sessions are after school (no appointments during school hours).

Casual poses from independent photographers may be submitted individually.

Formal and Casual Selection Dates for the yearbook:

See us in room 117 to make your selections during your lunch to mark your selections 

All casual pictures taken by independent photographers must be submitted electronically by Oct 1st
Pictures may be emailed directly to the yearbook:




Lifetouch Information:


Pick your Senior Formal pose at home:
Prestige Portraits web site
[must have the log-in & password provided by Lifetouch]

Contact Number:


Underclassmen Pictures:


August 30, 2021