Senior Recognition Ads

It’s hard to believe, but in just a few short months, your student’s stay at Madison County High School will be nothing more than a memory. Senior ads are a tradition among graduating students that let them know how much they are cared for. You know your child is amazing – why not show them that in this year’s yearbook? You have the opportunity to let them know how proud of them you are. Your recognition ad will be printed and remembered forever! By purchasing a space in the back of the book you can tell them how special they are with your own pictures and in your own words.

Ad Sizes & Prices:


Ad Sizes


Deadline #1
Oct 1

Deadline #2
Nov 1st

Deadline #3
Dec 1

1/8 page ad:   $85 $95 $100
1/4 page ad:   $100 $110 $120
1/2 page ad:   $175 $185 $195
Full page ad:   $225 $235 $245

*Orders submitted after Dec 2nd will subject to availability of space.

Picture & Text Guidelines:

Full Page Ad - 12 photos, 150 words maximum
Half Page Ad - 8 photos, 100 words maximum
1/4 Page Ad - 4 photos, 75 words maximum
1/8 Page Ad - 1 photo, 40 words maximum

Download the Senior Ad Order Form   




Do my photos have to be the same size?

No. We have the ability to scan and resize photos as needed.

Do I have a limit to how many words I can write?

Yes. Please refer to the Picture and Text Guidelines.

Do I have to type my text?

No. You may hand-write your text, however, it may be more clear to attach a typed copy of the text you’d like included in your ad. All writing will be recreated AS IT IS WRITTEN, so legible writing or copies of text are preferred.

Can I submit digital photos?

Yes. You may submit them on disc with this form. Digital files must be at a resolution of at least 300 dpi, otherwise they will not be useable for yearbook publishing. When scanning photos, most scanning programs have a "Custom" section where you can change your resolution to at least 300.

Please keep in mind when enlarging a photo to use as an ad background, pictures will become pixelated or blurry. Make sure the image you choose for the background of your ad is a least a 5x7 or larger. Wallet size images do not enlarge well!

Can I submit my own ad, pre-designed?

No. Our yearbook company requires us to create the ads using their software. If you wish to sketch out a basic layout we will work our hardest to re-create your design.

If the yearbook doesn’t come out until the end of the year, why do I need to submit this so early?

The yearbook is created all throughout the year. Our school needs to get pages in as early as October and your ads will help us reach that goal.

Will I receive my photos back?

Yes. Your photos will be kept in a safe place until your ad is created. Your yearbook adviser will then have them available for pick up at the end of the year.

If you have questions regarding Senior Ads, please email:
Sonia Coile,

Important Dates & Information:



Senior Portraits for the 
Class of 2020 
[Summer Session]:
June 2020

Appointments were prescheduled by Lifetouch. Times were distributed during Advisement before school ended. If you need to know your time, please contact the school office.

All formal poses must be taken by Lifetouch to be included in the yearbook. 

Casual poses from independent photographers may be submitted individually.

Senior Portraits 
[Fall Session]: 
Sept 9-11, 2020


Seniors should have contacted Mrs. Coile to make an appointment.
All formal poses must be taken by Lifetouch to be included in the yearbook. These session are after school (no appointments during school hours).

Casual poses from independent photographers may be submitted individually.

Formal and Casual Selection Dates for the yearbook:

Oct 1 - 4, 2019

See us in the cafeteria to make your selections during your lunch to mark your selections 

All casual pictures taken by independent photographers must be submitted electronically by Oct 1st
Pictures may be emailed directly to the yearbook:




Lifetouch Information:


Pick your Senior Formal pose at home:
Prestige Portraits web site
[must have the log-in & password provided by Lifetouch]

Contact Number:


Underclassmen Pictures:


August 27, 2019