Schedule Information

Student schedules are populated based on academic requirements and student requests. Once these are created, During specific windows of the school year, MCHS allows students to request changes to their schedules.

Schedules for the 2021-22 school year will be accessible through Infinite Campus portals on 7/22/21 after 6:00 pm. Campus Portal is available in Classlink for students or at this link for students and parents.

*Schedules for students who have enrolled over the summer may not yet be available. MCHS will prepare schedules for new enrollees as soon as all enrollment information/records have been received*

All requests for schedule changes must be using the digital forms provided on this page; COUNSELORS WILL NOT ACCEPT SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUESTS VIA EMAIL, PHONE, OR IN PERSON.

MCHS will accept schedule change requests through the second full week of the 2020-21 shool year; requests should be made via the appropriate form by 3:30 PM on August 20. Forms will no longer collect responses after this time.

NOTE: Not all Schedule Change requests are possible. MCHS will not consider requests to rearrange order of schedule OR to change the teacher for your course.


Schedule Change Types and Forms:

1) Elective Changes: To change electives (non-academic general elective courses), complete the Schedule Change Request-Electives Only form.

2) Level Changes: To move up to honors or AP-level courses, Parents must complete the Academic Course Override form. Parents are strongly encouraged to reach out to the teachers listed in the form to learn about the differences in expectations between regular, honors, and AP courses. This form collects the email address of the person submitting it; if this email address does not belong to a parent, the change will not be made.

3) Late Arrival/Early Dismissal (Seniors only): Seniors who are on track to graduate and have 90% attendance or better their first three years of school (Covid absences will not be counted against students) may opt to arrive late to or leave early from school. They will not earn a credit for the period in which they are not present. Late Arrival/Early Dismissal form.

4) AP Study Hall: Students taking three or more AP courses may choose to have a study period during their day. Students do not receive credit for this study period. AP Study Hall Form

5) Miscellaneous Requests: Parents wishing to change Support courses (Academic, Math, Reading) should reach out to their counselor for information/assistance.