Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need to see my counselor?

Counselors meet with students on a first come, first served basis. Students in a crisis situation will be given priority. If you need to see your counselor and he or she is not available, please fill out a request to see a counselor and leave it with the counseling secretary. Your counselor will call for you when he/she becomes available.

If I participate in a group offered by the Counseling Department, will that be counted as an excused absence from class?

Participation in groups offered by the Counseling Office is an appropriate part of students' public school opportunities. Students participating in groups will not be counted absent from their regularly scheduled classes, but are expected to make up any missed class work. Teachers of students participating in group will receive notification following each group session that their students attended.

What if I receive a pass to come to the Counseling Office when I'm supposed to be taking a test or participating in an important class project?

Any student that receives a pass to see a counselor during a time when they are taking a test or participating in another important class project is asked to reschedule the appointment for a later time. Please come to the Counseling Office at the end of the period or test/project to reschedule the appointment.

Where do I find information about the SAT/ACT and registration materials?

SAT and ACT registration is available online at www.collegeboard.org and www.act.org.  The counseling office provides registration information, practice materials, and fee waivers to eligible students.  

What tests do I need to graduate from high school?

At this time there are no high school exit exams, however all students must take the required End of Course assessments in EOC courses.

What are the EOCs?

End of Course assessments are part of the Georgia Milestones assessment system. These are tests are required by the Georgia Department of Education in eight core academic areas. EOCs count 20% of a student's final grade in EOC courses.  Assessments are administered in the following courses: 9th grade Literature, American Literature, Biology, Physical Science, Algebra I, Geometry, Economics, and US History. 

I need to get my scheduled changed. Is that something my counselor can help me with?

Schedule changes are completed by a student's grade level counselor at MCHS. Schedule changes must be approved by an advisor and are typically only made during the first week of each year.   Legitimate reasons for schedule changes include 1) the student has already received credit for a class, 2) the student is scheduled in the wrong level of class, 3) the student is scheduled in a class for which he/she does not meet the prerequisite, 4) the student needs to fit in a class required for graduation (e.g. senior year).  Schedule changes requesting specific teachers will not be honored without meeting one of the above criteria. Students are given ample opportunities to select the classes of their choice and to have their schedules changed before the school year starts.   If there is a scheduling problem, please discuss the situation with a counselor as early as possible.

How do I request transcripts for college applications?

Transcript requests for current students may be made by writing your name and the institution where the transcript should be sent in the transcript request folder in the Counseling Office.  Transcript requests for former students may be made in person, via mail, or other means following the transcript request process .   Currently there is no charge for transcripts.

How do I find out about scholarships that are available?

All scholarship information received at Madison County High School is coordinated by the Counseling Office. All scholarship announcements are listed on the Scholarships and Opportunities link from the homepage of the Counseling website.  Announcements are made in the daily announcement sheet/scholarship announcement sheet (also available online), and are posted on the electronic announcement screen outside the Guidance Office. Students interested in obtaining scholarship applications should see the Guidance secretary or Ms. Scarborough. For additional information about scholarships, visit the Scholarship Information page of this site.

I'm having academic difficulty in some of my classes. Is there a tutoring program that I can participate in to help me with my grades?

Please see information on the Academic Support page of the Counseling website.

I need to get a certificate of enrollment so I can get my driver's license. Where do I go?

Certificates of enrollment may be requested in the Counseling Office. Students will need to sign up on the Certificate of Enrollment request folder and should allow 24 hours for processing.  Certificates are valid for 30 days. There is a $1 fee for this service.

I'm under 16 and I would like to get a job. Where do I go to get a student work permit?

Student work permits may be obtained in the Counseling Office. Please see our counseling secretary or Mrs. Felt for additional information.

Where can I pick up my ADAP card?

ADAP (Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program) certificates should have been provided after completed of the ADAP unit in Health and Personal Fitness.  If you need a replacement ADAP certificate, visit  the Counseling Office and/or indicate that you need your ADAP certificate in addition to your Certificate of Enrollment.