Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery Program

Credit recovery is a program that provides MCHS students with opportunities to make up lost Carnegie units when they are behind on credits. Credit recovery is available during the school day, after school, and from home using Gradpoint.  There is no fee for students to participate in the credit recovery program during the school year.  Interested students should see their school counselor for more information and to see if the program is appropriate for their needs.

Appropriate Students

Any student who has failed an academic course or is behind on units toward graduation may participate in the credit recovery program. Students are given priority for credit recovery during the school day if they are behind grade level on units and/or are in need of more than one credit through credit recovery. Space in the credit recovery lab during the school day is limited so priority is given to students based on seniority.

Available Courses

Most academic courses are available through credit recovery. A limited number of elective courses may be taken through this program.