Academic Support

Academic Support

The following resources are available for academic support. In addition, some departments/clubs may be offering academic help sessions or tutoring during the school year. If you are struggling in one or more of your classes, please talk to your teacher(s) about additional options that may be available. Announcements about tutoring are also made in the school's daily announcement sheets.  For additional information or strategies talk to your counselor.


Enrichment is time scheduled during the school day on Wednesday afternoons for students to get extra help.  If a student is failing a course, they will receive a pass from their advisor to report for tutoring/remediation during enrichment time.  

After School Tutoring

After school tutoring is typically available with individual teachers from the end of the school day until 3:45. If you need to stay after school for individual help, please discuss this with your teacher to make sure he/she is available.

Extended Media Center Hours

The media center is open extended hours from 7:30-5:00 Monday-Thursday and 7:30-4:00 on Fridays for students to work on homework, conduct research, use school computers, or work on credit recovery.

Test Preparation & Review

Student review guides and content descriptions for the End of Course assessments are available online at the Georgia Department of Education's assessment website .  Students are strongly encouraged to utilize this resource to help students familiarize themselves with the content standards that will be covered on the test.

Online Review: Madison County High School students may also access the following resources for additional online review: