Madison County High School Counseling Department

Welcome to the MCHS Counseling Department

The Counseling Department at Madison County High School is committed to serving the academic, personal, and career needs of all students at our school. Students are seen or a first-come first-served basis or may schedule appointments with a counselor by coming to the Counseling Office before and after school, or between classes. If you are unsure who your counselor is, please visit our counseling staff page. If you have suggestions about additional resources that you would like to see added to our site, please email Daniel Bennett with your suggestions. To learn more about what counselors do at MCHS, please view our Counseling Department Presentation .

College & Military Recruiters

If you are a college or military representative and would like to schedule a lunchroom visitation at Madison County High School, please sign up using our online Lunchroom Visitation Event Registration.

If you'd like information on reaching our students, please contact Daniel Bennett.

MCHS & the Broad River College & Career Academy will be hosting our 3rd annual College & Career Fair on Wednesday, November 8th.  If you would like to participate, please sign up using our online College & Career Fair Sign Up.


Scholarship Information and Other Opportunities

Summer School Information

  • Summer School information will be provided later this school year in advisement.

Registration/Schedule information

  • If students need to request a level change, their parent should email the teacher for the course the student wants to take for more information.
    • 8th Grade Parent Night will be scheduled in early Spring Semester, 2021

HOPE & Financial Aid Information


Dual Enrollment Information


Free SAT/ACT Test Prep Information

  • Free SAT preparation materials are available through the College Board through a partnership with Khan Academy .  For more information about SAT prep, visit the College Board's SAT Prep site .
  • ACTpreparation materials are available on the ACT website .
  • SAT Prep classes are available to students at Madison County High School.  Senior SAT Prep sessions are usually offered before the October and November  SAT Dates.  Students must be registered for the corresponding SAT test date.  More specific information will be announced as it becomes available.
  • ACT Authority: Free 3 day trial, subscription based after trial.

Additional Information