SWAMP Success Program

The Gator SWAMP Success Program is a school-wide approach to teaching character education and expectations for student behavior.  There are no assumptions that students come to school with knowledge and application of expected behaviors.  We will teach and model acceptable and unacceptable behaviors.  By using the Gator SWAMP success program, teachers and staff will create a safe, nurturing environment for each and every student.  The five core expectations are easily remembered using the word “SWAMP” which stands for:

S how Respect
W ork Together
A ccept Responsibility
M ind Your Manners
P rompt and Prepared

These core expectations can be translated into “rules” appropriate to the classroom, bus and bus stop, restroom, lunchroom, hall, recess areas, assemblies, and field trips. 

School-wide expectations are printed and laminated in each classroom and displayed throughout the school.