Guidance Counselor and Students

How Does the Counselor Work with Students?

  • Classroom Guidance. The counselor visits each classroom and presents activities and information that help students learn life skills.  Some topics covered include Anger Management, Respect, Conflict Resolution, Careers, Character Building, and Test Taking Skills.
  • Small Group Guidance and Counseling. The Counselor works with small groups of children who have similar concerns.  In small groups, students can share ideas, provide support for each other, and learn from each other.  Small group participation is voluntary.  Topics may include friendship, grieving, support dealing with family changes.
  • Individual Counseling. At times the counselor may talk with a student privately about some concern.  The counselor is a good listener and tries to help the students sort through their problems by talking about their feelings and concerns.  Information shared with the counselor is confidential in nearly all situations.

How Does A Student Get To Talk To The Counselor?

  • Parents may ask the counselor to talk with a student
  • The teacher or principal may ask the counselor to talk with a student
  • The counselor may request to talk with a student
  • Any student may ask to talk with the counselor by telling his/her teacher or leaving a note in the counselor’s box in the front office