PTO Minutes - October 30, 2017

September Meeting Minutes

Approved with no changes or comments.

Budget Update

Budget balance as of October 19th is $4,416.50. Early release teacher's lunch has been paid for and $51 has has been transferred to first grade for their field trip.

Family Movie Night - November 16th

Plans for Family Movie Night were finalized. Admission per household/immediate family will be $5. Additional attendees will pay $2 each. Ticket sales begin November 6th. Ms. Carey will verify start time with the movie company. Since the school has purchased a cotton candy maker and already has a popcorn machine, the group decided to prepare bags of cotton candy and boxes of popcorn in advance. A limited number of these items will be available for $2 each during the movie. Families are encouraged to bring their own picnics, water, soda or sports drinks, blankets and flashlights. The first grade team is in charge of movie night preparation. Changes to the event due to inclement weather were also discussed.

Monthly Teacher Appreciation

School wide announcements, as well as memos to pre-k and kindergarten students about November's sponsorship, will go out this week.

Spirit Sprint

The group watched a Boosterthon video and discussed the pros and cons of hiring an outside company to help promote the Spirit Sprint. PTO decided not to participate in Boosterthon because the costs seem to outweigh the advantages. Instead, PTO and the Spirit Sprint committee will brainstorm ways to increase enthusiasm for the event, including a pep rally before the sprint and fun activities after. Spirit Sprint planning will kick off at the next PTO meeting.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, January 10 at 3:15PM


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