PTO Minute - November 17, 2016

Madison County School System SACS Video

Dr. Register showed a video put together by the SACS team that showcased the school system’s many accomplishments and goals for the future.

Family Movie Night

School staff members have received many compliments from parents regarding family movie night. PTO agreed to try to offer the event again in the future as a fun activity for CES staff, students, and families to enjoy. Concession sales help offset the cost of the entertainment company and movie licensing.

Spirit Sprint

The group will continue to research the price of signs for the March 31st Spirit Sprint. PTO members will begin contacting business sponsors after the January PTO meeting.

Feed My School/Golden Radish Award

MCSD was chosen as a statewide bronze winner for last year’s Feed My School initiatives. With even more activities offered during this year’s Feed My School week, the school system is aiming for gold.

School Garden and Outdoor Classroom Updates

Mandy Moon updated the group on the fruits and vegetables currently growing in the garden and announced that the school will be receiving small greenhouse pods courtesy of a grant. A member of MCHS’s FFA has offered to water the garden. PTO members discussed installing an irrigation system.

Monthly Teacher Appreciation

PTO wishes to thank Pre-K and kindergarten students and parents for generously donating candy bars for November’s teacher appreciation. First grade will sponsor December with Christmas cookies, and second grade will bring in coffee k-cups in January.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, January 4 (Teacher Work Day) at 10:00 a.m.

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