PTO Minutes - November 3, 2015


School officials and PTO members introduced themselves to parents.

Review of PTO Budget

Current budget balance is $7,826.49. Two large expenses, $301 for the first grade field trip and $1,000 for fifth grade’s field trip, have already been deducted.

Breakdown of Spirit Sprint Funds


  • $5,837.53 was raised through business donations, t­-shirt sales, classroom donations, track signs, and spirit day's participation.
  • $1,536.50 was spent on t-­shirts, banner, and one t­-shirt refund.
  • $4,301.03 was the net profit.

Dr. Register noted that PTO funds are currently being used to pay for flower bed maintenance. However, bids for the maintenance are being taken, and future expenses may be included in what the BOE pays for the schools’ grounds keeping.

Since the majority of the PTO budget is used to fund field trips, Dr. Register provided updates on 2015­-16 field trip plans:

  • Pre K - Field trip to Washington Farms taken in October.
  • Kindergarten - Visited Comer Fire Station in October. Plans are being made for a spring trip to INK Museum in Gainesville.
  • First - Enjoyed October trip to CiCi’s Pizza.
  • Second - Plans still in the works.
  • Third - Will visit Sandy Creek Nature Center in May.
  • Fourth - Stone Mountain trip planned for March.
  • Fifth - Overnight trip to Georgia Aquarium will take place in March.

Other planned trips, not financed by PTO, are a December trip to the Senior Center and McDonald’s for fifth grade chorus and a spring trip to the Comer Rehab Center and Retired Teachers Luncheon for fourth grade chorus. Also, Ms. Newland has applied for funds for a November or December trip for third grade to visit the High Museum of Art. If approved, the museum will cover all expenses for the trip.

DOT ­Issues with new Hwy. 72 Bypass

Dr. Register presented a letter from Comer Mayor Jody Blackmon detailing his concerns about the planned intersection of Hwy. 98 and the new Hwy. 72 bypass. Currently, the DOT has no plans to install a traffic light at the intersection. Mayor Blackmon is urging the public and community groups to write DOT representatives to express their concerns about the lack of a traffic light. The board agreed that the DOT’s proposal for only stop signs is particularly dangerous considering the 55 mile per hour speed limit on the bypass and the intersection’s proximity to the school.  Members agreed to begin a petition to encourage DOT to install a light at the intersection. Mandy Moon will draft the petition. Dr. Register and PTO board members will help circulate the petition. The petition, as well as the mayor’s letter and a map of the planned intersection, will be available in the school office.

Upcoming Events - Fall and Winter

The board went over a list of upcoming events:

  • CES Christmas Ornaments - Ornament orders are being taken. Ornaments are $5, and only a limited quantity will be available.
  • November 11 - Veterans Day Ceremony to honor veterans will take place in the gym.  Meadow Baptist Church will sponsor a reception for the veterans and their adult guests immediately following the ceremony.
  • December 5 - Reindeer Run and Comer Christmas Parade
  • December 14 - Fine Arts Night will take place in the cafeteria from 4:30 - 6:00 pm.  Fourth and fifth grade musical will take place in the gym at 6:00pm.  A few games are also planned from 4:30 - 6:00pm. The committee says all games are free and school staff will be working them. If any parents want to help, they can contact the school. The committee would love to have them.
  • January 22 - Multicultural Day ­ Dr. Register will ask the committee if they will need help from PTO.
  • February 11-­12 - Parent Teacher Conferences. PTO will provide lunch for staff.
  • March 21 - Second and third grade musical and science projects display.

Future PTO Meetings and Parent Involvement

The board agreed to conduct one public meeting each quarter. The public is always welcome at officer meetings. Dr. Register will continue to send out Remind notices and will announce important business at other school events.

Teachers will direct parents interested in participating in PTO to Alison Trump. Many parents may be willing to send in supplies such as tissues, hand sanitizer, etc. to help teachers restock their closets.  PTO will conduct a drive to collect these items. Dr.

Register will ask teachers to compile a wish list that will be made public. Memos about the drive will go home with students after Thanksgiving. Dr. Register will look at the possibility of sending the wish list as a Remind attachment or at least sending a link to the list via Remind.

Scheduled volunteer days for parents will tentatively start in January. These days will give interested parents a set time to help out at school.

Next Public Meeting will be Tuesday, January 19 at 6:00 pm.

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