January 2020

Comer Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2020



Brad Sikes, Mandy Moon, Alison Trump, Sherry Armel, Lori Westbrooks, Tracy Hendrix

Budget Update

Current balance is $4839.53. Field trip expenses have been deducted for all grade levels except 3rd and 4th. Each of those grade levels still has $500 remaining to be applied to spring field trips.  

Spirit Sprint

The group discussed fundraising options. Ali will go over suggestions with Dr. Sailors and forms will be updated. Fundraising is scheduled to kickoff on Tuesday, January 21st. Potential business sponsors will be contacted first. Student information will be sent out mid-February. 

Teacher Appreciation

2nd grade students have been asked to bring in k-cups for January’s event. Teachers will be treated to coffee and cocoa on Friday, January 24. PTO officers will provide marshmallows and coffee creamers.  

Next Meeting

Wednesday, February 5 at 3:15 p.m.