PTO Minutes - January 19, 2016


School officials and PTO members introduced themselves to parents.

Budget Updates

Dr. Register informed the group that PTO will no longer have to pay for flower bed maintenance. The Board of Education is going to include the expense in its landscaping contract with College Pro.  This change will save PTO $75 per month.

Landscaping Updates

Several trees have been removed from the edge of the property at the staff parking lot. These trees were rotting and in danger of falling. A fence has also been installed along the edge of the staff drive/lot. A faculty member from Emmanuel College is finalizing a comprehensive landscaping plan for the school grounds. This plan will include removal of the Bradford pear trees in front of the school. Other trees and bushes will be planted in place of the Bradfords. Mr. Sikes mentioned drainage problems around the new gazebo.  Dr. Register will look into potential options to help with the drainage.

DOT Petition

PTO officers and school staff have been circulating copies of the petition to have DOT install a traffic light at the Highway 72 Bypass/Highway 98 intersection. Mandy Moon will submit the signatures to state officials on January 31. All copies need to be turned in to the school prior to January 31.

Classroom Supplies Drive

The pre-Christmas supply drive was not very successful. Changes for future drives were discussed, including having each grade level submit a joint wish list and having a competition to see which grade can bring in the most supplies. Mandy Moon and Alison Trump will speak with teachers about what supplies they still need, and PTO funds will be used to purchase as many of these supplies as possible.

SACS Accreditation

Committee meetings for SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) accreditation begin this week. Dr. Register explained that colleges require prospective students to graduate from an accredited school district. All schools within a district must be accredited. The accreditation consists of five standards. Dr. Register has placed school staff, Governance Board members, and PTO officers on committees. Interested parents are also invited to participate in committee meetings, and all parents will have the opportunity to complete a survey. SACS representatives will visit the school in October to conclude the process.

Field Trips

Fourth grade has scheduled their Stone Mountain trip for March 30. Third grade will take place in the district wide Environmental Summit at the Madison County Transfer Station and Recycling Center. Third grade teachers are still considering taking an additional trip.  Second grade has not yet scheduled their trip.

Upcoming Events

Multicultural Day - Friday, January 22 - Student and teacher exhibits on display. Foods from a variety of cultures will be served in the cafeteria.

Early Release/Parent Teacher Conferences - Thursday, February 11 and Friday February 12 - PTO will supply lunch for staff on Friday, February 12. Kerith Smith and Anja Cleveland will make arrangements.

2nd and 3rd Grade Musical and Science Night - Monday, March 21 - Second and third graders will present their musical, and science projects will be on display.

Future Fundraisers - Fundraising ideas, including a chicken BBQ, movie night and percentage nights, were discussed. The board agreed that a fall movie night would be the best option. The board will consider selling hot dogs, popcorn, and other concessions.

Teacher Appreciation Week - Monday, May 2 - Friday, May 6 - The group will brainstorm options for the week and present ideas at the next PTO meeting.

2016 - 2017 PTO Officers

Dr. Register asked officers to begin considering and contacting potential officers for the next school year. All present officers are in their first year of serving but would love to have additional support. All parents are encouraged to attend meetings, and anyone interested in serving on the PTO board should contact the school office or a current officer.

Next meeting will be held on Monday, March 21 at 5:00 pm, prior to the start of the 2nd/3rd grade musical.