August 2019

Comer Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2019 - Officers Meeting


Dr. Amanda Sailors, Brad Sikes, Mandy Moon, Alison Trump, Lori Westbrooks, Chris Armel, Tracy Hendrix

Budget Update

Current balance is $6065.55. Teacher lunch expenses from first day of school have been deducted, as well as $1000 for the 5th grade field trip.

Super Saver Cards

PTO agreed to have the cards reprinted due to a couple of mistakes on the first batch of cards. Revised cards should arrive 6-8 days after order is placed. Sales end September 20.

Family Movie Night

Trolls will be shown Thursday, October 24. The school has a credit with the movie company due to inclement weather from last November’s event. Fliers will be ready for distribution by the September 18 Title I/PTO meeting. The company will provide pre-show entertainment beginning at 6:30. Movie will begin around 7:30.

Conference Lunch for Teachers

PTO will provide Taco Stand lunch on October 9.

New Parent Members

Several parents have volunteered to help with PTO activities this year. Officers discussed ways to involve new members. Ideas included sign-up sheets for October lounge supplies, Oct. 9 lunch helpers, and movie night helpers.

Next Meetings

General meeting - Wednesday, September 18 - immediately following 5:30 Title I Meeting

Officers meeting - Wednesday, September 25 - 3:15 p.m.

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