August 20, 2021

Comer Elementary PTO Meeting Minutes

August 20, 2021



Sherry Armel, Danielle Free, Crystal LaVere, Sheree Scogin, Brad Sikes, Ali Trump, Lori Westbrooks

Budget Update

The current balance after 1st day of school appreciation is $5,891.92. Deductions for tables have not been applied to the amount at this present time. Budget for tables/benches ranged around $2,000. Once done we should have an estimate of $3,891.92.

Super Saver Cards

Updates on tallies for the leaderboard will be announced after Labor Day. 

End of Sale will be Friday September 17th for tally.

Conference Lunch for Teachers

PTO will provide lunch on either October 13th or 14th no date has yet been determined.

Currenlty looking into food vendors for COVID friendly packaging i.e. Chick Fil A and/or possible vouchers.

Possible budget would be around $300 - $500 for lunches.  

Family Movie Night

Due to COVID event is still pending, currently on hold for approval via Dr. Sailors.

If approved date will be set for Thursday, November 11th.

PTO is in agreement that event should be held outdoors should weather permit.

Movie selection is TBD possibly looking into Raya and the Last Dragon by Disney rated PG.

Mrs. Scogin will check with Mrs. Carey on both movie list and if entertainment company is on board with selected date, as well as checking guidelines with company on credit for possible future use if date were to be canceled due to either weather or safety precautions due to COVID.

Looking into Chick Fil A truck as food vendor as well as selling popcorn until supplies last.

Possible budget would be around $500.

Monthly Teacher Appreciation

No date determined yet as to when flyers will go home with students.

Mrs. Armel came up with a great suggestion that we should change up the order process and start with the elder grades first for participation and progress downward for each selected month. PTO is in agreement with new order.

The months will be as followed:

October (5TH Grade): Apple Bar

November (4th Grade): Candy Bars – Fun Size

December (3rd Grade): Hot Drinks – K-Cups i.e. Coffee, Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate

February (2nd Grade): Bagels

March (1st Grade): Trail Mix

April (Kindergarten): TBD – Fruit was suggested


Currently everything is play by ear due to COVID.

Mrs. LaVere has suggested PTO be added to DOJO and Remind apps in order to reach out to parents more effectively and therefore possibly generate more participation.

Minutes took place in Data Room from 3:18pm to 4:20pm.

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