PTO: Parent-Teacher Organization



One important aspect of all PTO’s is to help with school fundraising. Every effort is made to limit fundraisers. In Madison County each school and PTO are limited to
two fundraisers per school year. All fundraisers go to helping the school with special programs and projects. PTO will designate a portion of their fundraising this school year for students to go on special field trips. The two first quarter fundraisers (one designated for the school and one designated for PTO) are detailed below:


  • The school fundraiser is selling Super Saver Cards. These cards help local businesses by providing advertising and increased business. In turn, the businesses offer discounts and specials for card users. Cards are good for one year. Prizes will be awarded for top classrooms and individuals. 


  • The PTO fundraiser is the Comer Spirit Sprint which takes place on our own walking track. This fundraiser will take place during school hours. Parents will secure donations from local businesses who in turn will have advertising on the T-shirts and/or banner depending on the amount donated. Grade levels will have special events in the weeks leading up to the sprint to raise money as well.

Additional Fundraisers for the coming year include:


  • School – Spirit Items – including t-shirts, yearbooks and school store
  • PTO – Spirit Sprint & t-shirt sale
  • Fine Arts – Fine Arts Night (Art show, Music Event & Games) 
  • PE – Field Day t-shirt sales in Spring
  • Media – Book Fairs – held during Parent Conference Weeks

More information will be given about our fundraisers at the time of the events. We appreciate your support.