PBIS 4th Quarter Goals 2018-2019

2nd Qtr PBIS Goals   2019-2020



Academic: letter sounds

Behavior: 80% smileys


Academic: math fact fluency

Behavior: Dojo points


Academic: Guided Reading (on or above grade level expectations and/or 1 level growth since beginning of the year)

Behavior: 90% positive Dojo points


Academic: Meet AR Goal and have at least 70% comprehension

Behavior: At least 90% positive Dojo points 


Academic: multiplication facts (60% mastery)

Behavior: Fewer than 3 times in detention from 10/8/19


Academic: 12 AR points (70% or higher comprehension)

Behavior: Must have an S in conduct 


Quarterly PBIS Rewards    2019-2020


1st QTR: Oct. 18th

              Behavior Goal Reward: Sno Cones

              Academic Goal Reward: Comet Tailgate @ the pavilion during lunch

2nd QTR: Dec. 19th

              Behavior Goal Reward: Movie & Popcorn in gym

              Academic Goal Reward: Cookies & Hot Chocolate             

3rd QTR: March 20th

              Behavior Goal Reward: Inflatable & Gaga Ball

              Academic Goal Reward: Games w/ Dr. Sailors & Mr. Sikes

4th QTR: May 13th

              Behavior Goal Reward: Water Day

              Academic Goal Reward: Kona Ice

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