PBIS 4th Quarter Goals 2018-2019


1st - 4th Quarter – STAR behavior


Academic: sight words (80%)

Behavior: 80% smileys

1st Grade

Academic: Growth on math fact fluency

Behavior: dojo points/classroom behavior managment system

2nd Grade

Academic: increase math fluency by one math fact per week

Behavior: Will not be on orange or below on clip chart more than 5x during qtr

3rd Grade

Academic: AR goal

Behavior: dojo points

4th Grade

Academic: math facts (division)

Behavior:  80% positive behavior on Dojo

5th Grade

Academic: AR goal (12 points with a passing average)

Behavior: “S” in conduct


3rd QTR Reward: May 13th

Behavior Goal Reward: Water Day

Academic Goal Reward: Eat lunch outside (picnic style)


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