Accelerated Reader Information

The Accelerated reader Program is designed to help students read books on his or her own level.  It is a valuable tool that gets students excited about books!  The program places attention on careful reading of books, which improves students' critical thinking skills and builds a love of reading.

Here is how AR works:

A child’s reading level is determined by taking the STAR reading test.  (Research shows that children become better readers by reading at their level.)  Then the student chooses an AR book on his or her reading level from our school library. Our school has purchased AR Enterprise so we have access to all the quizzes Renaissance Learning has available (over 140,000!).

After reading the book, the child takes the quiz for that book.  The goal is to score 80% or better correct on the quiz.  Each title read is worth a certain amount of Accelerated Reader points.  

To check if a book has an AR quiz,  please visit  Renaissance Learning.

Use the Advanced Search option if you want a book list for a specific book level or point value. 


Renaissance Learning adds hundreds of new quizzes monthly so a printed list isn’t really practical.