The shift in the Madison County School System’s governance structure will be slow and
deliberate. Participants will be clear about their roles and will be provided training in order to perform their duties as school governance team members. The beginning structure will be the existing School Councils with a few additional members. By-laws will be drafted and approved. Training topics will be identified and scheduled. Everything will be transparent and available for the public to review (sunshine law). Meetings will be posted on Simbli just like the regular school board meetings.

The purpose of the school governance team will be to support schools so they have a greater opportunity to positively impact student achievement. There will be a review process put in place with a rubric developed by staff so all school governance teams can monitor their own performance to ensure effectiveness. This will not be busy work but a standards-based rubric to help guide the work of the governance team.

If you have questions or need additional information about Madison County's Charter System, contact:


Dr. Jody Goodroe
Asst. Supt., Curriculum & Instruction