School Nurses

Madison County School District employs eight full-time nurses. School nurses are specialized professionals who provide knowledgeable insight into acute and chronic health conditions, and normal growth and development. Nurses play a key role in promoting healthy students and an environment conducive for learning.

If you have health questions or concerns, contact a school nurse.

Lead Nurse

Donna Perry
(706) 795-2181 x1504
Tracie Brunson
School Nurse
Colbert Elementary
(706) 788-2341 x1606
Christa Ramsey
School Nurse
Comer Elementary
(706) 783-2797 x2209
School Nurse
Danielsville Elementary
(706) 795-2181 x1504
Amy Coile
School Nurse
Early Learning Center
(706) 795-5611 x1802
Lindsay Holland
School Nurse
Hull-Sanford Elementary
(706) 353-7888
Mary Beth Branyan
School Nurse
Ila Elementary
(706) 789-3445 x1705
Angela Slaton
School Nurse
(706) 795-2197 x3034
Tanya Moon
School Nurse
(706) 783-2400 x1204
800 Madison St. / PO Box 37 Danielsville, GA 30633 (706) 795-2191 Fax (706) 795-5029
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