• The Comer AEP program through the Gholston Trust seeks to assist families by providing services for students above and beyond the regular school programs.  A variety of programs are available for kindergarten through 5th-grade students.  Kindergarten students are eligible beginning in the fall when they begin kindergarten.  5th-grade students are eligible for summer enrichment the year they finish 5th grade.   
    During the school year, students can sign up for the BEYOND enrichment classes.  These classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 4 pm.  The classes are free to Comer Elementary students K – 5 and are taught by Comer staff. 
    During the summer months, the program provides funds for summer enrichment programs such as athletic and academic camps.  Funds are limited to $150 per student per year and space is limited.  Students are eligible for only one camp per year.  Proof of enrollment and attendance at the enrichment program is a requirement for participation.  Applications will be accepted for the summer enrichment program beginning February 15th.  No applications will be accepted after May 10th.   This program is available for students in the Comer attendance zone or who attend Comer Elementary. 
    Students are eligible to attend either or both of the above programs. 

    Note for Programs/Vendors: Proof of enrollment and attendance at the enrichment program is a requirement.  Programs will need to provide documentation of attendance after the program.  If students do not attend the program, programs must refund Comer Elementary School.  If the summer program is canceled, the program is responsible for notifying participants and for refunding Comer Elementary School.