•  Data Teams in Madison County

    A data team is a small grade-level or department team that collects, analyzes, and responds to student performance data generated from common formative assessments. Data teams regularly collaborate to monitor student performance levels, reflect on teacher practice, and
    determine instructional next steps.

    The Five-Step Cycle

    All Data Teams cycle through five main questions, which include:

    1. What do we want students to know and do?
    2. How will we know that they have learned it?
    3. How will we respond to students who have not mastered the standard(s)?
    4. What will we do for those who have mastered the standard(s)?
    5. What instructional and non-instructional next steps will be implemented?

    Data Team Cycle

Dr. Jared Robinson
Board of Education
Director, School Improvement and Accountability
(706) 795-2191 ext.1403

Meghann Farmer
Board of Education
Director, Elementary Curriculum
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George Bullock
Board of Education
Director, Secondary Curriculum Coordinator, Federal Programs
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