• School systems that are granted charters are given flexibility from state rules in exchange for increased student performance.

    There are some rules, however, that cannot be waived:

    1. All federal program rules and regulations must be followed;
    2. All local rules and regulations must be followed;
    3. All accountability measures must be followed;
    4. A moment of silence must be honored in each school each day;
    5. All court orders and civil rights statues must be followed;
    6. The rules of safety and physical health must be followed;
    7. School systems must maintain insurance;
    8. Unlawful conduct is not permitted;
    9. Conflicts of interest in school operations must be avoided.

    All other rules can be waived if they are needed to positively impact student achievement. In Madison County, we have decided to employ a vetting system to ensure that waivers do not negatively impact school operations.

    1. School-Based Governance Teams suggest a waiver;
    2. The principal takes the waiver suggestion to the superintendent’s monthly staff meeting where all departments and schools are represented. A discussion is held to determine if the proposed waiver will impact others or require system resources;
    3. If the waiver is considered appropriate then the superintendent, at the following Board of Education meeting, informs the Board of Education of the waiver that will be implemented. The current list of waivers used in Madison County is posted on the Madison County School System website for public review.