Social Services

Kelssie Fields
Social Worker
(706) 795-2191 x1457

The mission of Madison County School District Social Services is to help students, families and schools remove educational barriers and increase academic success.


School social workers are highly trained individuals hired by school systems. They work within the schools and assist in the following areas:

  • School Issues -- grades, discipline, learning and behavioral issues, attendance, peer relationships
  • Family Issues -- abuse, neglect, divorce, separation, sereious illness, death
  • Community Issues -- violence, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, teen pregnancy, cultural diveresity, homelessness

The goals of Social Services include:

  • Work with agencies and committees to develop resources for students and families within the community;
  • Coordinate efforts with court systems to improve attendance and decrease drop-out rates;
  • Assist parents in understanding student needs socially, emotionally and cognitively;
  • Represent schools in crisis situations and court interventions;
  • Serve as a community outreach person for the school system and schools;
  • Establish and assist in establishing positive inter-agency communication and organization.
800 Madison St. / PO Box 37 Danielsville, GA 30633 (706) 795-2191 Fax (706) 795-5029
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