Curriculum Maps

Madison County teachers have developed Curriculum Maps for all academic subject areas. Curriculum Maps show what will be taught, and how it will be assessed. All teachers of academic subjects must cover the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) associated with their content area.

More about the Georgia Performance Standards

Curriculum Maps
Each curriculum map lists:

  • Month - Month(s) in which content and standards are taught
  • Unit Name - Unit Essential Questions - Name of unit and broad essential questions or topics students learn
  • Standards - Elements Taught - Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) covered during unit
  • Lesson Essential Questions - Specific essential questions or topics students learn
  • Standards Based Formative Assessment - Assessments given to monitor students progress throughout unit
  • Standards Based Summative Assessment - Assessments given to determine how well students learned standards in unit

If you have questions or need additional information, contact:

Brittan Ayers
Director, Secondary Curriculum
(706) 795-2191 x1430
Coordinator, Federal Programs
(706) 795-2191 x1430
Meghann Farmer
Director, Elementary Curriculum
(706) 795-2191 x1432
800 Madison St. / PO Box 37 Danielsville, GA 30633 (706) 795-2191 Fax (706) 795-5029
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