Data Teams

PLC (Professional Learning Communities)

The Madison County School System has been utilizingfor many years as a vehicle for improving instruction through teacher collaboration.   During the 2010-2011 school year, all Madison County schools were trained in the use of the Data Team process, which is an extension of the PLC.  Data Teams are groups of “job-alike” teachers that collaborate about the development of specific instructional plans. 

The Three Steps

All Data Teams cycle through three main steps, which include:

  1. pre-assessing students on a particular academic standard
  2. team collaboration on the development of common instructional strategies to address the needs of all students based on the pre-assessment data and
  3. administering post-assessments to determine the academic growth of the class or individual students. 

Data Team Cycle

For a copy of the Data Team Sample Training Form and Elementary, Middle, and High Master Data Team Forms, contact:

Dr. Jared Robinson
Director, School Improvement and Accountability