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Notice for Language and Disability Assistance for the School Nutrition Program

The Online Meal Application can be accessed throught the new Parent Portal . Choose "More" at the left and then click on Meal Benefits.  Then click on the blue text to start the application process. It is a simple and private way to apply for free or reduced price lunch.



Dear Parent/Guardian:

On behalf of the Madison County School Nutrition Department Staff, I would like to welcome your child back to school for the year 2019-2020.  We anticipate another good school year and would like to make you aware of some information about the Madison County School Nutrition Program.

Madison County School District offers healthy meals every school day that are based on the latest Dietary Guidelines.  Because we are convinced that all children learn best when they eat a good breakfast, we are again offering breakfast at no cost to all students for 2019-2020. Your child will have several “entrée” options each day as well as an assortment of fruit, juice and milk to choose from.  We encourage you to send your child to the cafeteria every day and we will take care of them.

This year, lunch costs $2.00 for elementary and $2.25 for middle and high. We also have several extra items your child can buy at school which conform to the USDA Smart Snacks in Schools Standards. In order to be good financial stewards of our resources, there is no charging allowed at the high school and minimal charging will continue to be allowed at all other schools. Full information about charging is in all student handbooks. Payments can be made by cash or check at the cafeterias or online at through the Parent Portal.  If you need assistance in any way you are free to contact us at our office number which is 706.795.2191.  Free and Reduced Price Applications can be filled out at any time throughout the year.  We always accept paper applications and for your convenience this year have added an online version that can be filled out at the Parent Portal.  For more information please visit

Each student is required to choose a fruit or vegetable with their meal and we encourage them to try several from the variety we offer every day. We have the Mealviewer Menu App that you can learn more about on our website. It will have nutritional information as well as allergy information. If your child has a food allergy please contact us at 706.795.2191 for required documentation and further information.

Finally, as you may know, we are prohibited from sharing any information you provide on your Free Reduced Price Application with anybody except federal programs.  This means that we will not share your free/reduced status with any school personnel (teachers, counselors, etc.) unless you specifically give us permission.  There are, however, some non-federal programs that you may wish us to share information with, including the various high school tests that provide fee waivers for students receiving free or reduced meals. If you wish us to share your status with the school personnel administering these tests, please fill out the form with the application and send back to us at the address provided.  This is entirely optional and will not influence whether you receive benefits or not.   

Thank you for sharing your child with us and we look forward to serving you during this upcoming school year.


Barbara Adair, SNP Director 

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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