• Hello!

    My name is Janice Gunnin, and it is an honor to serve as the school counselor at Comer Elementary. I am excited
    to partner with teachers, families, and community resources to meet the unique needs of each and every
    student. Please reach out to me anytime when needed.

    What is a school counselor?

    School counselors are certified professional educators trained to support the needs, interests, and
    issues related to student growth and learning. Counselors assist students, teachers, families, and

    What do school counselors do?

    School counselors strive to promote social, emotional, and academic success. Counselors support
    student growth in academics, organization, attendance, interpersonal relations, and self-awareness.
    Counselors connect with community resources and assist students in decision-making, problem-
    solving, goal setting, self-esteem, and educational opportunities.

    What services do school counselors provide?

    Individual Counseling
    School counselors often work with students individually on specific problems or topics of interest.
    Counselors work to establish trust and build helping relationships during one or more sessions. These
    Face-to-face interactions provide students with the privacy to explore ideas, feelings, and behaviors.
    Counselors respect and practice confidentiality. However, following Georgia law and professional
    standards of ethics, school counselors must report when one's safety, well-being, or welfare is at risk.

    Small Group Counseling
    Small group counseling involves counselors working with two or more students, usually during a non-
    the academic part of the day. These sessions follow structured activities that allow participants to work
    together, share ideas, and receive feedback. Small group guidance can help students set goals,
    Increase awareness, gain knowledge, learn positive behaviors, and practice new skills. Group
    Counseling also provides opportunities for students to learn from each other.

    Classroom Guidance
    Classroom guidance consists of organized objectives and activities the school counselor delivers in a
    classroom setting. The classroom guidance curriculum focuses on particular developmental issues and
    areas of concern voiced by students or in collaboration with teachers.

    In addition, please contact me with questions about the following:
    Mentor program
    School supplies
    Outside counseling services

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