• Comer Elementary Media Center

    Welcome to the Comer Elementary Media Center!  We have a beautiful library full of wonderful books selected with our students in mind. Our goal is to encourage our students on their reading journey as they read for learning, read for pleasure, and read for life. The Media Center program is designed to create an exciting and inviting environment that welcomes all members of our learning community.

     Policies and Procedures

    Our students are always welcome in the library!  We have flexible scheduling so teachers, classes, and individuals may use the library whenever they need to.  We are open from 7:20 AM to 3:20 PM each day.

    We have orientation during the first few weeks of school and we discuss our expectations of students as they visit the media center.  We ask that all of our patrons respect the rights of other patrons and take care of our books.

    Overdue books: There are no fines for overdue library books; however overdue materials must be either renewed (2 renewal limit for each book) or turned in before new books may be checked out by the student.  

    Damaged books: Sometimes accidents happen.  If a book is damaged, please be responsible and return it to the library.  We will determine if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.  We will assess the appropriate fines associated with the damage that has occurred. Fines due to damages must be paid for in order for the student to continue checking out books.  Fines will not be assessed for damage due to normal wear and tear.  

    Lost books: If a library book is lost, it must be paid for in order for the student to continue checking out books from the library.  In the event the lost book fine has been paid and the book is later found during the same school year, the paid fine will be refunded.  

    Checkout Policies:

    Kindergarten and First grade may check out one book at a time. 

    Second through Fifth Grade students may check out 2 books at a time.

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