MCMS Cross Country Team Rules


Expectations for Cross Country

This is NOT a Fit Club, after school monitoring service, or an opportunity to hang out with friends. The Madison County Middle School Cross Country Team competes against counties such as Elbert, Franklin, Hart, and Stephens in which the top five runners are recognized. This is an extremely competitive sport, and we hope to defend our Region Championship. This is why it is very important runners take practice seriously and follow team rules.

1. Running cross country for MCMS is a privilege, not a right.

2. If you are on the MCMS cross country team, the MCMS cross country team comes before recreation league sports/events and/or other functions (pageants, dances) that may interfere with the cross country season. *Only exception is MCMS band.

3. NO HORSE PLAYING! This may result in dismissal from the team.

4. No electronic devices will be allowed during practice.

5. Practice is mandatory! Any missed practice will result in extra running/possible punishment of not running in meets or dismissal from the team. If you are not at school, then you cannot practice. If you miss more than two unexcused practices, you will be released from the team.

6. Act like an athlete, a gentleman, young lady, and a scholar.  NO profanity.

NO criticizing or picking on teammates. NO talking back to coaches. This may result in dismissal from the team.

6. ISS results in being suspended for the upcoming cross country meet. Two days of ISS results in possible dismissal from the team--Coaches discretion.

7. OSS results in being dismissed from the team.

8. If you continue to have ailments (ankle, knee, foot, pulled muscle, etc.) which prohibit you from practicing, and you do not have a doctor’s excuse, then you will not be allowed to participate in practices and/or meets. You will possibly be dismissed from the team.

9. Walking is strongly discouraged since this is a running sport, and we compete and race against other counties.

10. Parents can start picking runners up from practice at 4:00. Please no later than 4:45. If it is later than 4:45, your child will be in the front office. If this becomes a problem, you will not be allowed to participate. We, the coaches, have families.

In light of the above rules, Coaches Herndon, Black, and Gillespie reserve the right to analyze each situation and exercise leadership in dealing with problems even if it is a deviation from the stated policy.