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Get Madison Reading: Feed Your Brain!


Dear MCHS Parents/Guardians,

Seize the Summer and help us reduce the ‘summer slide’! Madison County High School strongly encourages all of our students to read this summer in order to reduce “summer slide” - an alarming trend in which students who do not read on a regular basis during the summer break fall behind in reading achievement. Help us promote 15 minutes of reading every day to create habits that will benefit our students!

Studies in reading show that those who read more read better. They also write better, spell better, have larger vocabularies, and have better control of complex grammatical constructions. Research shows that students who don’t read experience a “summer slide” or a loss in reading vocabulary. Even more convincing are experimental studies in which students who did self-selected reading for a given amount of time were compared to students who devoted the same amount of time to "regular" instruction. Self-selected reading was a consistent winner in these studies in widely differing circumstances.

This summer is ALL ABOUT ACCESS!! We have launched a county-wide initiative, "Get Madison Reading: Feed Your Brain", to make books available to students in several ways.

1- MCHS will make Reading Logs available as in the past. Students will log the hours they spend reading to be eligible for prizes. (Click the link on the right for more information and/or a copy of the Reading Log.)

2-The Madison County Public Library is working with us to make books avaialbe. With only one trip to the library to obtain your library card, you can access these materials on any device, anywhere, anytime with RB Digital! (Click the link on the right for more information.)

3-Free Book Distribution: Students who partiicpate in the summer lunch program will have access to boxes of free books on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. (Click the link on the right for more information.)

4-Free Little Libraries: At various locations around the county you will find these mini libraries where you can take free books to read! Take advantage of this free resource!       

If you have any questions, please email Ginni Edwards (

Have a great summer, and happy reading!

From your MCHS teachers and administrators

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