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MCHS Data:    2018 5 Year Score Summary

Please visit the College Board's Advanced Placement website for more information about the program.   Students and parents may search AP credit policies at colleges and universities by visiting the College Board's AP Credit Policy page.  Students are encouraged to visit each postsecondary  institution's official website for their most recent credit policy.

MCHS currently offers the following Advanced Placement courses:

  • AP Biology--Teacher:  Brooke Cooper
  • AP Computer Science Principles--Teacher:  Sonia Coile
  • AP Environmental Science--Teacher: Andrew Taylor
  • AP United States Government & Politics--Teacher:  Jenna Berryman
  • AP English Language & Composition--Teachers:  Dallas Cowne & Trent Wilkes
  • AP English Literature & Composition--Teacher:  Susanna Arnold
  • AP Macroeconomics--Teachers:  Matt Boggs & Michael Perdue
  • AP Microeconomics--Teachers:  Matt Boggs & Michael Perdue
  • AP Physics I--Teacher:  Bradley Shadrix
  • AP Psychology--Teacher:  Jonie Axon
  • AP Calculus-Teacher: LeeAnn Johnson
  • AP Statistics--Teacher:  Renea Simmons
  • AP Art History-Teacher: Abby Newland
  • AP Studio Art--Teacher:  Jacob Cawthon
  • AP United States History--Teacher:  Matt Boggs
  • AP World History--Teacher: Elmer Clark

To explore more about each of these courses, please visit the College Board's AP Course page .

 In addition to courses taught by Madison County High School teachers, students also have the opportunity to enroll in additional online AP courses  through the GA Virtual School


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