STAR Expectations

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have been using Positive Behavior Support (also called PBS or PBIS) for over a semester now. The students all know what S, T, A, and R stand for and they are meeting STAR expectations.

Strive to do Your Best

  • Students are setting AR Reading goals for themselves.
  • Homework is being completed and turned in on time.
  • Many students have been recognized for learning all the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.

Take Responsibility

  • Students take responsibility for what they say by using more polite words with each other.
  • We have had better but behavior and fewer office referrals from bus drivers this year.
  • Students help with recycling.

Always Work Together

  • Fifth grade patrols work with adults on car rider duty.
  • First graders and fourth graders are reading buddies.
  • We have five job corps kids who have specific jobs they will do daily.

Respect Yourself and Others

  • Student's help each other by holding the door, picking up dropped items, reading together and sharing.
  • Students have learned what to do about bullying and teasing.
  • Students recognize each other for using STAR behavior.
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