Jim Perkins Dedication Award

The Jim Perkins Dedication Award was created to honor a man whose heart for the children of Madison County led him to give of himself above and beyone what was required of him.  He was a teacher, coach, administrator, and superintendent. He was also a mentor, father-figure, and encourager to students, athletes, and co-workers. 

Those receiving this award have the same selfless dedication and commitment to doing all they can to ensure that the children of Madison County have every opportunity to succeed.

The 2017-2018 Jim Perkins Award Winners are:

Maureen Berryman - Central Office

Dr. Andy Felt - Madison County High School

Kelli Griffeth - Madison County Middle School

Katie Hall - Colbert Elementary  School 

Molly Parham - Ila Elementary School

Kenneth Segars - Bus Shop

All recipients were nominated and chosen by their peers. There will be a reception in their honor at the Board of Education on April 10th at 6:00 PM.