Student Support

Madison County Schools strive to provide all students with support programs.  These programs may include academic, behavioral, or social services supports that are specifically designed to meet the needs of classrooms and individual students.


For more information regarding Student Support Programs and Services available to students and families, contact:


Ms. Shirley Aaron
Director, Mentor Program
(706) 338-3689
Brittan Ayers
Director, Secondary Curriculum
(706) 795-2191 x1430
Brittan Ayers
Coordinator, Federal Programs
(706) 795-2191 x1430
Dr. Jen Cole
Literacy Specialist, K-6
(706) 795-2191 x1431
Amy Denman
Director, Technology
(706) 795-2191 x1427
Christopher Forrer
Director, Student Services
(706) 795-2191 x1403
Mr. Steve Hulsey
Social Worker
(706) 795-2191 x1457
Dr. Kelly King
Director, Special Education
(706) 795-0120 x1467
Loren Metts
Migrant-Homeless Liasion
(706) 795-2191 x1404
Dr. Ashlee Wegmann
Asst. Director, Special Education
(706) 795-0120 x1451
Mandy Wommack
Director, Elementary Curriculum
(706) 795-2191 x1432
800 Madison St. / PO Box 37 Danielsville, GA 30633 (706) 795-2191 Fax (706) 795-5029
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