Mr. Michael Williams, Asst. Superintendent - Curriculum and Instruction

Organizational Chart


michaelMr. Williams came to Madison County July 2014 as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. He is a 1991 Graduate of Piedmont College, and began his education career in Banks County where he taught at both middle and high schools, 994 to 2005.  While in Banks County, he coached various middle and high school sports.  After receiving a Masters degree from Clemson University, Mr. Williams became Assistant Principal at Banks County High School.  In 2007 he earned an Educational Specialist Degree from Lincoln Memorial University.  Most recently, he served four years as Principal at Banks County Elementary School.  Michael, and his wife Christy, have 3 children -- Bryson, Reece and Whit.

Mr. Michael Williams
Asst. Supt., Curriculum & Instruction
(706) 795-2191 x1426
Ms. Brittan Ayers
Director, Secondary Curriculum
(706) 795-2191 x1430
Dr. Jen Cole
Literacy Specialist, K-6
(706) 795-2191 x1431
Ms. Amy Denman
Director, Technology
(706) 795-2191 x1427
Ms. Cathy Gruetter
Director, Elementary Curriculum
(706) 795-2191 x1432
Dr. Kelly King
Director, Special Education
(706) 795-0120 x1467
Ms. Loren Metts
Migrant-Homeless Liasion
(706) 795-2191 x1404
Dr. Amanda Sailors
Director, Student Services
(706) 795-2191 x1403