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Madison County School Nutrition Announces the launch of the Healthy Families webpage.  On this page are resources our families can use to eat better and be their healthiest!  Check back often to see what new things are in store.  The web address is




 Summer Meals Are Coming Again This Summer!

Every summer, many children miss the nutritious school lunch that is available during the school year. Here in Madison County those children can still receive a healthy lunch at no cost to them, thanks to the Seamless Summer Lunch Program, a federal program that provides funds to help feed hungry children. Madison County School Nutrition Department administers the program and welcomes volunteer groups that will help bring much needed nutrition to those that need it most.

If you would like to participate in helping hungry children, please contact our office. You can ask questions and learn what you can do to help children that may not have access to wholesome meals throughout the summer. We will have a community meeting in April to discuss what you can do to help.



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